Michelle Rodriguez – You broke my heart

So the lovely Michelle from one of the greatest TV Shows of all time (yes I’m talking about Lost, woe to the disbelievers!) thinks minorities should stop “stealing” white superheroes. This debate has been going on for AGES. Some people care strongly about authenticity when it comes to comic adaptations but not me. At the end of the day, time moves forward and things evolve. There is not a single, miniscule thing wrong with non-white actors playing comic book heroes. Why must a film remain true to a piece of fiction if the message is still clear and impenetrable? Even good ol’ Stan Lee cares little about this. A few years back he stated that casting Peter Parker “shouldn’t be a racial issue.”

Peter Parker’s skin colour does not define him. It’s not what motivates him and you can say that about most, if not all comic book heroes. Personally, I’ve always been interested in seeing a black Spiderman or something similar. Every now and then you gotta mix things up!

It’s not a big deal guys. Get over it. And to Michelle Rodriguez? I don’t know….maybe you’re still bitter about Michael shooting you in the hatch? You need to move on girl. Like seriously.


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